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We opened Oranmore Afterschool service in January 2005 and Oranmore Preschool in 2009. Situated in ground floor of the old convent building, in the heart of the village, we are within minutes walking distance from all primary schools, at the end of the cul de sac to the Gaelscoil. We are also ideally located for access to the playground, playing pitches, library and the castle. Our location means that children can walk from the three primary schools in the village to our service, without walking on the open roads.

In our preschool and afterschool your child will be cared for by Valerie, Emma, Noeleen, Dave, Josephine, Caroline, Katie and Hazel. We are all qualified in childcare and education and have worked with children for many years. We are enthusiastic about providing quality care, education and support while valuing and respecting each child.

We aim to create a ‘big family’ atmosphere where children and adults alike, work, play and have fun together, respecting each other’s individuality. We aim to support the children in our care to build their confidence and resilience and hope they will bring happy memories with them from their time in Oranmore Preschool and Afterschool.

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