Oranmore Preschool and Afterschool offer a safe, nurturing environment where all children are cared for

with kindness and respect!


We provide Afterschool care in a relaxed and warm ‘home away from home’ environment. Children’s are supported to follow their interests, make their own choices, and build their self esteem and self efficacy. As we have children attending from Junior infants right up to 6th Class, from the three primary schools in the village, every day is like a play date with your buddies! You will find our Afterschool registration here!


Early childhood is a wondrous and significant time in a child’s life and a positive preschool experience has far reaching outcomes. We cherish and respect each child and promote their holistic development in a caring, fun and positive environment.

Full-time and part-time places are available at very competitive rates!

Tusla compliant and approved to provide ECCE and CETS schemes.

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